Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chip It!

Wow, I'm so hit and miss on this blog! Oh well! I wanted to share with the few of you who may read this a really neat tool that I learned about from this amazing blogger. Let me back up a second. I love to look at ideas for decorating. I don't live in my own house currently so I can't paint and decorate like I would like to, but I am getting lots of ideas now! A while back I had several jars of baby food in the sink that were left over from a baby shower....we played the game where you have to guess what the baby food is...anyway. I thought the colors looked fun for a color scheme for my house someday. Here's the picture! I wouldn't choose those colors now, but at the time it inspired me! Ok, back to the blog and new tool I found out about from her! It's called Chip It and it's created by Sherwin Williams and it's genius! You can take any picture you like the colors in, put it in Chip It and it will tell you what paint colors to use to get those colors! AMAZING! You can get a Chip It button for your toolbar and you can save all your various inspirations! Check it out!

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